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Since Aug 2015

Strong by Zumba™

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Classes in Bristol: Wed 6.30pm @The Pithay Studios and Sat 9am @The Island

In 2016, Zumba® launched Strong by Zumba™, the next group fitness phenomenon, and Zumba’s first new program in two years. Strong by Zumba™ is a one-hour group fitness class that utilizes a combination of HIIT, body weight exercises and strength conditioning lead by the music. This is not a dance-fitness program, but like Zumba®, the music is part of the foundation. The movements will be synced with the music and the tempo will lead the intensity. Students can expect an overall body transformation with improved muscular definition and high caloric burn.

This training will provide you the principles and application of exercise science to high intensity and body weight resistance training, modifications to create a safe and injury-free class, verbal and non-verbal cueing to ensure proper alignment and intensity, a full list of Base Builders (comparable to core moves in your Zumba® classes) with progressions, and instruction on how to build this new class with the Zumba® formula.

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  • Zumba BasicZumba Basic
    License to teach regular Zumba® classes.